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Careers > Employment in PayaEnergy
The talented people working at PayaEnergy are most valued assets in this company. They enable us to develop and provide advanced solutions, project management and excellent customer service. Our staff consists of highly motivated and skilled individuals, all pulling together to bring PayaEnergy forward as a leading supplier to the energy sector. 

Working at PayaEnergy

PayaEnergy’s success is driven by the commitment, creativity and expertise of our employees. We are always on the lookout to find and develop qualified people that have a passion for helping utilities of the future be even more productive and efficient. People with core skills in developing, selling, implementation and maintenance of IT systems and knowledge within the fields of generation, transmission, distribution and trading of electrical energy and infrastructure.

Do you have a passion for IT and innovation?  Are you a professional or do you want to be? PayaEnergy may well be a good fit for you. Maybe it sounds confident, but it's true.  Our employees are looking for new ways to add value every day.  Together with customers we are building business and IT solution for their future.  Such cooperation often develops a special energy.

  If you have experience and qualifications within our fields, we would be delighted to hear from you. 

More specific experinces have been listed below:

UI/UX Developers:
Development skills in HTML5/ CSS3, some JavaScript (jQuery) preferred.

JAVA Developers:
With good understanding of Object Oriented Programming, Algorithm Design, Data Structure
and familiar with Design Patterns, Web Services and Data Base.

Contact us at: