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Convergence of electricity with information and communication technologies (ICT) creates a highly automated power grid that allows a continuous data exchange between different parts of system. This intelligent and self-healing grid, known as "Smart Grid", consists of the following building blocks:

 Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI), advanced transmission and distribution automation, distributed generation, electric vehicle refueling infrastructure and renewable energy generation projects of today.
PAYA ENERGY's extensive knowledge and experience in electrical, communication and software engineering, provides project management maturity for implementation of smart grid infrastructures.
We support the following services:
·        Consultation, feasibility study and analysis to determine best-fit solutions based on resources, environmental issues and goals.
·        Submitting conceptual plan and design that satisfies essential requirements and goals.
·        Independent test and assessment of different parts of proposed plan.

·        Development of customized Meter Data Management (MDM) and Head-End System (HES) to be used in AMI networks

Thursday 2021/10/21